Our Goals for 2030

Provide Food and Water

a person walks a field while balancing a bag on their head
Tea leaves in Kenya A woman carrying the tea leaves she has picked for the day back to the weighing station on a tea plantation in the Upper Tana Watershed, Kenya. © Nick Hall

While the world continues to face hunger, food demand is expected to increase as the world’s population continues to grow.

It's a challenge that can be met. Despite the barriers, we provide the science, tools and partnerships that influence decision making. Our grounding in science and our innovative approach to conservation allow us to scale quickly to achieve system change.

What are regenerative food systems? (2:53) How can regenerative food systems heal the planet and feed the world? We can produce food that doesn't just avoid harm, but actively restores nature and reverses previous damage. Regenerative food systems can ensure we’re able to feed many generations to come. Here's what this looks like.

Our goal? To conserve nearly 10 billion acres of ocean, 1.6 billion acres of land and 620,000 miles of rivers, all of which contribute to our global food requirements.

We intend to achieve this ambitious goal through new and better-managed protected areas, global-scale sustainable fishing, restoring working lands, innovative financing, partnering with communities and Indigenous peoples, and positive policy changes.

Land and water stewardship can restore health to our food systems.

Food is sustainable when it benefits the environment and maintains soil fertility. We’re fostering innovations in technology, collaborating with communities to use resources more efficiently and promoting policies that enable sustainability. Together, we can secure healthy food and clean water for all people without sacrificing the environment.


2023 Year in Review

Read about our progress in 2023 to provide food and fresh water for people and nature around the world.

A line of men stand waist-deep in water and pull on a large fishing net.
Pate Island Fishermen Fishermen from Pate Island in Lamu County pull a beach seine net in the Indian Ocean waters. © Mwangi Kirubi